Söndagsmys och text

Idag var det massa jobb på schemat inget annat gjort . Men men nog bloggat nu ska jag kolla på Sex drive med min älskade madde <3

Pussss och love to u all <3

Godnatt :)

Dagens text by AdrianJ:

I don´t know where i stand. And i don´t know what i mean to you.
All i know is everytime I think of you,
all I wanna do is to be with you and learn to know you better.
 I see you like the person you are.
No one else.
If I had a penny for everytime I thought of you,
I would be a millionare.

You change my world with just one smile.
You took my heart with just one kiss.

One day I hope i can say this to you:

one thing I am absolutely certain.
I can´t live this life without you.



Postat av: philip

personen det här e till måste ju dö när han läser detta!!!I do!!!

2010-11-30 @ 01:59:25

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